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We Pick Up for FREE! Just Call 1-800-972-4919 - (**Minimum 5 Large items for FREE Service)

Working or Not, We'll take it! TV's, Monitors, Big Screens, Cell Phones, Laptops, Computers, Printers & Copiers(***Minimum handling fee will be charged), Cables, Stoves, Washing Machines, Dryers, Refrigerators, Motors and Any Scrap Metal. We also accept used clothes and shoes...


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What We Do at Angels' Scrap Metal

  • We Are Earth Friendly

    We Recycle Scrap Metal, Plumbing Scrap, Bicycles, Stoves, Dryers Washers, Refrigerators, All Kinds Of Electronics, Working Or Not Working And Even Car Batteries. Give Us A Call Today!

  • FREE Pick Up

    We Offer Free pick up of Electronics and any Scrap Metal for Recycling. Go to the "Schedule a Pickup" page to request a Pickup and our driver will pick up your items for FREE.**

  • Business e-Waste

    Free E-Waste Pickup & Recycling for Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Offices, Corporations, etc.. Business owners are required to do a proper disposal of these items and We will Help You. Schedule a FREE Pickup Today!

  • Secure Data Destruction

    We provide guaranteed data destruction at not cost for you. We make sure that your hard drives and any personal information from your computers will be destroyed safely.

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Every Day is a Recycling Day!

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    There are many authorized e-Recycling Centers all wide in Los Angeles area where you can drop off all your old Electronics items for Recycling. However there are companies like Angels Scrap Metal that specialize in Picking up Electronics Waste (e-Waste) saving you time and the hassle to carry heavy items. Angels Scrap Metal offers a […]

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